Together with our partners, BridgeAthletic supports equality in athletic development by providing access to coaches and training resources for underserved youth.



Even as victory in competition is largely merit based, the roads to the arena are far from equally paved. As huge advances are being made in training, nutrition and technology across youth sports, an unfair, advantaged path has evolved for those with resources. We have a responsibility to take action in this moment. We are leveraging our tools and our network to pave new roads of opportunity through access to and opportunity for high level training.

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Community impact

We believe that everyone deserves access to elite training.

Coaching and Technology

Our goal is to provide an end-to-end athletic development program for participating programs. For schools who have coaches already, Bridge provides our best-in-class tool kit to allow these coaches to better scale their impact. For schools who do not have coaches, Bridge connects folks in our network with them to allow their athletes to experience a high performance model.

Participating Programs

Eastside College Preparatory School

East Palo Alto, CA

Eastside Prep is committed to opening new doors for students historically underrepresented in higher education.

Richmond Senior High School

Rockingham, NC

Richmond County Schools believes that our educators continually strive to leave a lasting legacy in and out of the classroom by Inspiring Excellence. Together, our district is well-positioned to demonstrate how a rural county can compete academically on a global scale.